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Charitable Giving Guidelines

Charitable Giving

Glens Falls Rotary Charitable Giving Guidelines
              and Processes as of 6/28/07

 I. Glens Falls Rotary Club Guidelines for Giving – to be used by Club committees and the Board of Directors


1)     Giving should fall under one of the Four Areas of Service: Club service (strengthening fellowship and functioning of the Club), Vocational service (serving others through our vocations while practicing high ethics), Community service (projects and activities to improve life in the community), and International service (to expand Rotary’s humanitarian reach to promote world understanding and peace).

2)     Preference should be given to projects that allow our members to use their vocational talents to help young people, for the special needs of others, and to improve the quality of life in the community.

3)     Preference should be given to the community rather than individuals.

4)     No preference should be given to special or favorite projects of our members if they do not satisfy the other guidelines of Rotary service.


II. Budget Preparation Guidelines


1)     Committee input is required for all budget entries

2)     Spending will be separated into non-discretionary (Rotary) and discretionary (non-Rotary)

3)     Discretionary requests will be referred to the appropriate committee for recommendation to the Board

4)     To the extent possible, the budget will be developed based on prior year fundraising


III. Charitable Giving Procedures


1)     One page application must be completed by all groups requesting funding of $500 or more. This includes organizations that have been receiving annual funding. These organizations will be informed by mail and sent an application. 

2)     Completed application/request will be referred to appropriate Club committee for recommendation to Board. Funding will not be provided without a completed application.

3)     If a President-Elect wants to do a President’s project, it should be included in the budget and presented to the Club for approval.

4)     The Board will provide an annual report of charitable giving at the end of each year, detailing projects supported and amount of support given.




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**The Club also meets at 7:30 AM for breakfast every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month at Spot Coffee, 221 Glen Street, Glens Falls, NY. For info call 518-792-1023.


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